Post from a lady friend

I decided to give my lady friend my platform for the day to write a quick post for you guys. Without further adieu…..

Just to give you a little background on me I am an introvert. I try to avoid talking to people and being around people as much as possible. So it’s really hard for me to go to the gym when I want to work out. I feel that everybody in the place is staring at me. I know for the most part that they’re not but I feel so self-conscious going to a gym that I believe that everyone stares at me the whole entire time that I’m there. I have gone to the gym only a couple times in my workout career and I have been absolutely miserable. I only stay for maybe 1/2 hour and I barely do any work. For the most part the other people that are there working out are just trying to focus on their own bodies and their own workouts and doing their own thing and more than likely are not paying any attention to me but I swear I can feel that everybody is watching me and has their eyes on me and are watching me pretend to work out because honestly I don’t do anything when I go to a gym. The only time that I actually went to the gym with any consistency at all was before my wedding.

So I have resorted to buying workout tapes to do in my own private living room. I have bought several workout DVDs and have used those to work out with. Even using those to work out with it’s hard  getting a good workout because your body gets used to certain exercises and you have to switch things up but if you’re using a DVD you’re working out the exact same muscles you’re doing the exact same exercises day in and day out. I started to incorporate running in my workout routine but I stopped doing that in the summer because it gets so hot and I don’t do that in the winter because it is way too cold so I only run in the fall and the spring and then I use my tapes the other times of the year. But I have to keep buying more DVDs because I get bored of the same ones all the time. My body gets used to it so I’m constantly buying new DVDs to work out with. I would love to be comfortable going to a gym because they have such a wide variety of workouts you can do. You can run and you can do pretty much do any kind of work out there. I just can’t bring myself to go to the gym though. Maybe if I had a friend to go with me it wouldn’t be so bad because then I wouldn’t be concentrating on everybody else paying attention to me, which they’re not but I would be able to talk to my friend and we would be focusing on each other and do our workouts. It’s so rare to find someone who has the same day and time that you do and it makes it pointless to have a gym membership just in case, so I don’t have one anymore because it’s so random when I have someone to be able to go when I’m free for the night. So I guess I’m just gonna stick to running and using the DVDs that I have been buying more to get all my work out then it’s really not that bad to do I quite enjoy the DVDs that I buy so I’m just gonna stick with those continue to run that way I do not have to go to the gym.

Part 3 Hip

So I ended the last post with the crappy news from the doctors that I did not know if I would ever get back upward movement with my right foot.  The doctors set me up with a plastic brace that was very rigid.  Its sole purpose was to hold my foot at a 90 degree angle since my foot would just drop if the brace was not in place.  I know I have dragged this out for long enough so I will try to cap up the major points in this post.  I went home and had a pretty rough recovery, I ended up having to move in with my grandparents because I had to walk with crutches and could not prepare food and a lot of other things.  What I ended up doing was hopping around on one leg so I could have my hands free to carry something.  This ended up doing more harm than good.  My right leg ended up severely atrophied from the lack of use.  I did not have insurance so I avoided the doctors and physical therapy.  Fast forward about 12 years and I was in a bad way.  To my surprise the positive thing was that I did eventually get upward movement back to my foot.  It will probably never be back to 100% but it got much better year over year.  That was about the only thing that improved though.  We had since figured out that I had tore the blood supply to my hip/femur bone which is obviously a problem.  Your bones need blood to live and without it, the bone is in for a slow and painful death.   That is exactly what happened.  My femur bone slowly died over those past 12 years.  The entire top portion of the ball of the femur had cracked and collapsed into itself.  The X-rays are pretty gnarly, I will try to remember to add them to this post when I find them.  At this point I finally was in a place that I had health insurance and decided it was time to go see the orthopedic surgeon.  The surgeon is the one that explained what had happened with the hip collapsing.  He told me that since the damage was so severe there was only one option and that was to completely replace the hip.  I remember leaving that doctors appointment bawling my eyes out.  I think I was crying mostly from the validation of my pain.  I had learned to live with the pain and for someone to see what I was actually going through was some kind of huge relief for some reason.  I had to wait another 8 months before I could have the repair done but those 8 months were much more bearable just knowing that there would be relief eventually.  I started my journey back to health a few months before my surgery partially to have a quicker easier recovery and partly just to get in shape.  I received my total hip replacement on July 18th 2013.  There was still a rough road to recovery ahead but the relief I felt was almost immediate.  I spent a couple months off from work to recover and after a few months I started to work out.   I ended up getting into the best shape of my life over the next couple years and did a lot of things that I never imagined I would be able to do.  I am in good shape today but I had lost some motivation so I started this blog in hopes that it will keep my accountable to always stay in shape.  Even if I am not doing hardcore workouts it is important to me that I am at least doing something because I believe that keeping your body in working order is part of a balanced life.  Thanks for reading my story.  It somehow feels great to release that to the universe.  Hopefully from here on out we will get in some more relevant posts.  Talk to you soon.

Keep Pressin,


Hip Replacement Part 2

When we left off last time I was just loaded up into the ford explorer on my way to the nearest hospital.  Like I had mentioned, the nearest hospital was not nearest at all.  My uncle hauled ass to try and catch the ferry since it only runs once per hour.  If I remember correctly I do not think we made it and had to wait a bit for it to come back although they sent the ferry back early because of my dire need for a hospital.  When we finally got across Lake Huron we set on our way to Sault Ste Marie to War Memorial Hospital.  Unfortunately, said hospital was still another 90 minutes away.  I remember letting out a scream every time we hit a pot hole and one of my uncles fighting the urge to laugh.  My dad is not great in situations similar to this where he feels the need to comfort someone.  He awkwardly kept telling me everything was gonna be okay.  To be honest with you, it didn’t help in the least.  When we finally made it to the hospital some of the male nurses came out with a stretcher to wheel me into the emergency room.  When I got into the emergency room I was greeted by a doctor who wanted to check a couple things.  She was down by my feet asking me the question “can you feel this?”  and again “can you feel this”.  She kept repeating that question and I kept responding with “can I feel what!”.  When I looked down at my foot what I saw was truly scary.  There were five or six tiny pin pricks with blood dripping out of each one.  I could not feel a single one of those pin pricks on the top of my foot.  At this point I thought that I had a paralyzed leg.  The fact that the doctors were acting mysterious did not help my anxiety in the least.  Up until this point I was in pretty serious pain but little did I know, the worst was yet to come.  Another twenty minutes went by when the X-ray technician came to get me so they could take some X-rays of my hip and leg to confirm a diagnosis.  I was in a gown with an open back and I remember the big metal table feeling similar to an ice cube on my bare skin.  When they got me on the table they had to turn me to my back, up until this point I was lying on my side and was perfectly content with staying in that position.  As they moved me onto my back the pain was excruciating.  Before I was taken to the X-ray room they had given me a shot of Demerol, yep the pregnancy drug that they give to women in labor.  The shot seemed to do little if not anything.  Once on my back I realized that things were about to get much worse.  The technician informed me that they needed to straighten out my leg in order to take a proper X-ray.

[Side note- When your femur bone is out of its socket all of your tendons are fully extended like a taught rubber band causing your leg to stay in a bent position. ]

I never imagined being able to deal with a pain so great.  The technician proceeded to push against my bent leg to straighten it out.  I have to assume that the resistance he had encountered was a combination of my tendons being contracted and the head of the femur bone pressing against the outside of my pelvic bone. I let out the loudest scream of my entire existence.  They did this for what seemed like several minutes but in actuality I am not certain how long had gone by.  They had finally gotten an X-ray so I could finally relax.  Or so I thought!  Several minutes went by while the techs delivered the X-rays to the surgeon.  They had left me on the X-ray table while they did this.  After they consulted with the surgeon they came back into the X-ray room and informed me of some bad news.  They said that they doctor was pretty sure that my hip was dislocated but that he could not tell for sure because the X-rays were inconclusive.  He then informed me that they would need to try again to get a clearer picture.  I was beyond pissed off.  I could not wrap my head around the reason why they could not just knock me out and do what they needed to do.  I remember freaking out on the tech and told him that he was not gonna touch me again without something more for the pain.  They gave me another shot of Demerol which I suppose may have helped a bit but it is really hard to say since the pain was so intense.  We went through another round of straightening out my leg as I screamed and cried my way through it.  This time they got a good shot of the femur and confirmed that the hip was dislocated.  Duh!

They informed me that they had to call the anesthesiologist in from home because he was on call.  So we played the waiting game once again.  At this point over two and one half hours had gone by as my hip is sitting outside my socket.  When he finally arrived they wheeled me into the surgical suite and prepped me for the relocation.  They placed a mask over my face and told me to count backwards from 100.  100…99…98…97…96 and I’m out.

I can not properly describe the sense of relief I felt when I woke.  I am not sure what they had given me but I remember feeling like a huge boulder was lifted off of my body.  I was still in pain but nothing like before.  After the relocation they took a cat scan but decided that they could not see things well enough so they decided to order an MRI.  They had a portable MRI set up at the backside of the hospital since the hospital was not large enough to afford one of their own.  Once the MRI came back the surgeons informed me that they could not really tell me anything new.

The next morning a doctor came into see me and evaluate the situation.  It was at this point that I realized I had done some serious damage to my nerves.  The doctor asked me to lift my foot upward towards the sky.  I tried my hardest to make it happen but nothing.  My foot just sat there flopped all the way down.  I could press my foot down but when trying to lift upward I got nothing.  I guess the proper terminology is a sciatic foot drop.  I had done permanent damage to one of the nerves in my right leg.  The doctor told me that they could not tell me one way or the other if I would ever get functionality back and that only time would tell.

I hate to do this again but I am gonna have to turn this post into a three parter.  I will conclude it in the next post.  Thanks for reading.

Hip Replacement and working out Part1

So something I have not mentioned up until this point is the fact that I have had a hip replacement in my right hip.  When I was younger I was in a four wheeler accident and I dislocated my right hip.  Unfortunately, the location of the accident was in the middle of nowhere.  It was literally on an island.  The only way on and off of the island was to drive your car onto a ferry so it could take you back and forth across Lake Huron.  Normally there would be a doctor on the island but it was a holiday weekend so the sole doctor was out of town. Even if the doctor was on the island he would not have been properly equipped to address a dislocated hip.  What he would have been good for would have been a bit of pain relief.  The pain that comes from dislocated your femur from your hip socket has to be close to that of child birth.  I am sure I will get some haters for saying that but I truly believe that.

I grew up riding dirt bike motorcycles, I was no master but I knew how to ride pretty well.  Unfortunately for me, a four wheeler does not ride the same as a dirt bike.  I thought that they would but turning a four wheeler is much stiffer especially when you are traveling quickly.  I wasn’t on the quad for more than five minutes when I took a corner too fast.  It was spring time but there were still fairly large snow banks on the sides of the dirt road.  When I came around the curve my two right wheels hit the snow bank and I flipped the quad.  I was catapulted from the four wheeler and flew towards a tree.  As I landed, the heel of my foot was caught by a tree, this caused my entire leg to fold upward on my body.  Imagine someone performing a front kick except instead of stopping at the proper point, instead the persons leg continues towards their face, causing their shin to kiss their mouth.  It is pretty obvious I am sure but that leg lift was the moment that my leg bone came out of socket causing the dislocation.  I remember landing on my side in the snow and thinking to myself ” I am okay, I am fine”.  The moment I tried to move I realized that was absolutely the furthest thing from the truth.  I could not move and when I did attempt to do so I literally screamed louder than I ever had in my entire life.  I sounded like a women being raped.  I know that is brash but I think it gets the point across pretty well.  At the time this all happened my uncle was riding a second quad and watched the whole thing.  My other uncle and father had run into town which was a good 45 minutes round trip.  I remember laying in the cold snow freezing my ass off but was unable to move as the pain was too great so I dealt with the cold since it was a much better alternative than trying to get up.  What seemed like hours was actually only minutes until my dad and uncle got back with the vehicle to take me for help.  My dad and two uncles each got around me and lifted me straight up trying to keep me still.  I screamed multiple blood curdling screams the entire time they were moving me.  I remember one of my uncles laughing because I sounded so much like a women.  If I would’ve had a gun in that moment I probably would have shot him because I was so pissed.  They eventually loaded me into the back of my uncles ford explorer and we were on our way to the hospital.  There was a long trip ahead though.  I think I am gonna break it off right there and pick up next time. There is more to the story but I think I have shared enough for today.  Check back in a few days and read the conclusion to my ordeal.

If you like this post be sure to share it on facebook or any other site you would like.  I would also like to thank my friend who helped me raise funds for my doctors bills after the accident.   Feel free to checkout his website here.

My simple plan

Now that I am back I have set up a very simple body weight work out.  This plan will evolve as time goes by but I am not gonna stress too much about changing it every five minutes.  My work out will consist of

  1. One push exercise 3 sets
  2. One pull exercise 3 sets
  3. One legs exercise 3 sets

I will do this workout 3 times per week for a while until it is way too easy then I will start to add weight or more sets.  I will always be adding more reps and will use slow and controlled movements.  Later on I may incorporate one heavy dumbbell workout for gains in size but that is on the back burner for now.  I want to be consistent and non obsessive before I even think about doing that.  Some of the exercises I will use are….

  1. Push exercises-  decline, incline, and flat push ups, one arm negative push ups, Ring push ups, ring dips and bar dips.
  2. Pull exercises- Lateral pull ups, standard pull ups, chin ups, ring pull ups
  3. Leg exercises- Squats, lunges, leg lifts, and sissy squats.

As you can see I am keeping things very simple so I do not over complicate things.  I will try to add reps every work out but I will not be too hard on myself if I do not improve every single work out.  Let me know what you think.  Until next time….

Keep Pressin!


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Why I lost motivation in the past.

So I am just gonna throw it all out there.  I know plenty of people will judge but I am at a point in my life that I am no longer willing to worry about crap like that anymore.  I have an obsessive personality.  Meaning; I become obsessed with one thing and revolve my entire life around it.  Some might say this is a good thing and they would probably be partially right.  No one has ever become great at anything without a shit ton of repetition and slight to extreme obsession.  That being said I think that the reasoning behind my obsession is where the real problem lies.  When I become obsessive about something I am doing so in order to fill some kind of hole that I feel in my soul.  Pretty deep stuff I know 😉  I find something that I moderately enjoy and I take it to the extreme in hopes that it will bring me the happiness that I am so desperately trying to feel.  Obviously, this type of thinking is all wrong and will always set you up for failure because no activity or thing can bring happiness, happiness comes from within.  It comes with changing your beliefs to line up with your desires.  In the past I was of the mindset that if you do not immerse yourself 100% into something then what was the point of doing it.  Similar to the thinking that if I can not do something perfectly then why should I do it?  That is a sad place to be and it makes it hard to have any type of balance in your life.  I am finally to a point now that I am learning how to balance the different parts of my life and be okay with that.  This time around I am setting small goals instead of being obsessive.  I want to employ the thought process that everything is good in moderation.  That includes working out.  I am starting back up again with 3 simple body-weight work outs per week and am okay with that.  I will focus on progressive overload using my weighted vest and different angles and I will not judge myself too harshly on my work outs.  I know that just staying consistent will keep me in decent health and I can always take my work outs through spurts of harder ones if I am feeling good.  I am trying to create balance in every part of my life and health is obviously an important part of that.  Feel free to comment and let me know if you can relate.

Keep pressin!


Consistency is key

I have been working out for several years now.  Sometimes the results are fantastic, other times they move at a snails pace and it can be very frustrating.  I feel as if the results come in spurts when you least expect it.  That brings me to the most important thing about your workout.  One word……. Consistency.  If you want to see results with something this will be the key factor.  Getting better at something relies on your ability to stick with it.  That means finding time no matter what.  Sometimes you may not feel like working out, but finding that will inside of you to get into the gym is what separates the winners and the losers.  I am by no means some hardcore gym rat, but I do stay consistent.  Repetition has taken me to a pretty decent fitness level and I want to share some of the little things that have helped me throughout the years.  I mostly work out utilizing my surroundings and my own body weight.  That’s not to say that I never pick up a set of weights.  I like to supplement my work outs with weights.  If I am pressed for time and need to get in a tough workout I grab my set of adjustable dumbbells and go to work.

***Disclaimer-Quick advertisement 🙂  I own a set of Power Blocks and I absolutely love them.  These things give me the ability to have weights between 5 pounds and 90 pounds(each) all inside of one cubic foot of space. I live in a small house so owning these is much more practical then owning each individual set of dumbbells.

Some of my favorite exercises are decline push-ups, handstand push-ups, Ring pull-ups and roll-outs.  I have a little area in the corner of my garage dedicated to my workout area.  I love having the ability to walk over to my gym on a whim because it is on location at my home.  It is much easier for me to stay consistent when I have everything so close by.  I have had gym memberships in the past but found it very difficult to stay consistent with my trips to the gym.  I guess if money is no object then it would be cool to have a membership but when funds are tight a home gym can not be beat.

Anyways,  I just wanted to introduce myself and get things started.  There will be many posts to come, I hope to get some of my favorite fitness bloggers to come over and guest post in the future.

If you have any questions for me or have any suggestions for future post hit me up using my contact page.

Keep on pressin!